Here is a quick tour of Blitz MMA

Here is a quick tour of Blitz MMA

Blitz MMA an organization that focuses on character-building programs for people of most ages.

Whether your goal is fitness, self improvement, or self defense, we’re confident that you’ll find what you’re looking for at our school. Beginners can take solace in our easy to learn curriculum designed to teach self defense while embracing the inner strength within.

The magic of martial arts is that it’s designed to accommodate everyone. Regardless of your size or experience, you’ll have everything you need to defend yourself in just a few sessions. Everything after that is just pure intensity, exercise and self development.

Meet the Master Instructors Behind Blitz MMA

They are not only accomplished practitioners themselves, often holding high-level belts, but they are also knowledgeable mentors who provide valuable insights into the techniques, strategies, and philosophy of MMA.

At Blitz MMA, we pride ourselves on the quality of our Coaches. You can expect the following from our Masters:

  • Certified Degree Black Belt
  • Amazing recommendations and positive reviews
  • A commitment to creating a positive Martial arts experience for all students, no matter their learning needs
  • A love and passion for teaching and helping students grow and succeed

Jake Brennan

Owner, MMA Fight Team Coach

Zach Brennan

Boxing Coach

Josh Foster

Boxing, NoGi Jiu-Jitsu, MMA Coach

Nick Brennan

Youth MMA, Adult NoGi Jiu-Jitsu Coach

Sam Brennan

Office/Floor Manager, Youth MMA Coach

Hailey Cowan-Brennan

Women's Fitness Coach

Donnie Curtis

Wrestling Coach

Armando Villarreal

Muay Thai Kickboxing, MMA Coach

Campus Gallery

What Robinson, TX Locals are Saying About Our MMA GYM

Gustavo Palacios recommends Blitz MMA

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From the initial engagement to the very end of my session the vibe was amazing.
I called ahead of time and was instantly impressed with the customer service over the phone.
Went in and everyone was very nice and welcoming. No stand off-ish vibe just smiles and “hello’s”.

I can tell the students take after the coaches in how they carry themselves and treat others. I will definitely be back when I’m in Waco!!! Thank y’all!!!

Tyler Ray recommends Blitz MMA

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Great place to train! They have a couple of professional fighters there, so if you come enough then you'll get to spar and roll with them. You'll without a doubt get great training, and the more you come and put in work, the more they'll notice you.

lindsey bederka recommends Blitz MMA

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Has amazing staff! They are so wonderful with my 6 year old.
UPDATE 2019: still love this place! The people here are amazing! Best coaches and people you will ever find! 💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤

Nick Webb recommends Blitz MMA

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I was in town for the day and needed some training. The staff and coaches welcomed me. The other students in the class were also extremely helpful. A very great and clean environment to train. I will definitely be back when I am in town to train.

Jchannel recommends Blitz MMA

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I've been training at Blitz for a little over a year and I can say. This facility is a professional high level Mixed Martial Arts, and athletic training center.

From the technical martial arts classes, to the conditioning routines, and the structure of the entire program. Which is designed to do one thing. Turn you into a lean, mean, fighting machine.

Anna Crisostomo recommends Blitz MMA

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Had lots of fun in the boxing class. Instructor was knowledgeable and helped each level participant to enjoy the class. If I lived in Waco, I would join.

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